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Resources for Bible Clusters

Whether you’re a facilitator, attendee or pastor searching to fit Bible Clusters into your congregation, these resources can help make Bible Clusters a meaningful Scripture engagement experience.

Quick Glance Guide

This short guide offers practical tools for facilitating a Bible Cluster, from insightful questions to best practices for group discussion. And it’s small enough to tuck into your Bible for easy reference.

Facilitator’s Manual

Whether you’re a current Bible Cluster facilitator looking for guidance or a prospective facilitator trying to find out what the role entails, this manual can help. It addresses questions, including: How do I encourage my group to openly discuss the Bible together? What do I do when I get asked a question I don’t know?

Scripture Resources

Not sure what Bible passages to use in your Bible Cluster? Check out this selection of suggested Scripture that can help your Cluster get off to a strong start.