Read. Talk. Pray.

Resources for Bible Clusters

Whether you’re a facilitator, attendee or pastor searching to fit Bible Clusters into your church community, these resources can help make Bible Clusters a meaningful Bible engagement experience.

Quick Glance Guide

This short guide offers practical tools for facilitating a Bible Cluster, from insightful questions to best practices for group discussion. And it’s small enough to tuck into your Bible for easy reference.

Facilitator’s Manual

Whether you’re a current Bible Cluster facilitator looking for guidance or a prospective facilitator trying to find out what the role entails, this manual can help. It addresses questions, including: How do I encourage my group to openly discuss the Bible together? What do I do when I get asked a question I don’t know?

Scripture Resources

Not sure what Bible passages to use in your Bible Cluster? Check out this selection of suggested Scripture that can help your Cluster get off to a strong start.

Wisdom of Old Soles

This fully functioning web platform is coming in late 2021. It is an interactive community to help train people to start and multiply clusters to make disciples and grow God’s kingdom.

In the early 2000s, the prayer mothers and fathers of Charlotte birthed “Charlotte Awake.” They did so because of a keenly felt need for revival in the church and spiritual awakening in the community and culture. Since 2014, a Board of Elders oversees Charlotte Awake’s staff and ministry operations. The prayer movement remains as it was, an open and diverse calling of all who are anointed by God’s Spirit to pray for church awakening in Charlotte and beyond. 

Charlotte Awake oversees the ministries of Church Awake, Wisdom of Old “Soles”, and Bible Clusters.

WARNING: We are approaching a monumental transformation not seen since the Great Reformation of the 16th century, and it will sweep away traditional church forms and structures once taken for granted. The question is, “How do we prepare for what’s about to come?”

The church is called to make disciples not members. We must now refocus on Jesus and His Word, in love and by His Spirit. In the midst of this impending spiritual battle, we must equip a new generation of followers of Jesus to lead people to higher ground. And we are looking for allies…