Read. Talk. Pray.

How to Lead a Bible Cluster

A Bible Cluster facilitator role, quite simply, is to create a space for open and honest conversation so that people can encounter God by exploring the Bible together. The facilitator does this by guiding the conversation. Not teaching. Guiding.

It means getting the group back on track when the discussion strays. It means creating a safe space so all attendees—whether they’re theologians or first-time Bible readers—feel like they have a seat at the table. Up for the challenge?

What Your Bible Cluster Is (and isn't)




Starting Your Bible Cluster

Gathering Your People

Your First Meeting

Wrapping Up & Next Steps

Get Your Facilitator Resources

Facilitator’s Manual

As a facilitator, you will have a lot of questions. How do I encourage my group to openly discuss the Bible together? What do I do when I get asked a question I don’t know? Use this manual to guide you through your role and cover the steps of being a dynamic Cluster facilitator.

Quick Glance Guide

This short guide offers practical tools for facilitating a Bible Cluster, from insightful questions to best practices for group discussion. And it’s small enough to tuck into your Bible for easy reference.

Scripture Resource

Not sure what Bible passages to go for? Check out this selection of suggested Scripture that can help your Bible Cluster get off to a strong start.

What’s Next?

After Your First Meeting

Between meetings, it’s important to connect with each Cluster member. Thank them for coming. Remind them when and where the next meeting is. Encourage them to read the Bible on their own. Ask for their feedback so you can help make your Cluster meetings as dynamic as possible.

Connect, pray and prepare for your next meeting.

After Nine Months

Some Bible Clusters go on for years, but others reach a critical point in about nine months. They begin to lose energy. People move away, or their schedules change. Some people may just stop coming.

If this happens to your group, don’t feel guilty; it’s pretty normal. But you might want to consider three different options: end the group, channel your people into a deeper Bible study, or break your group into smaller Clusters. Learn more in the “Wrapping Up & Next Steps” video above.