Read. Talk. Pray.

What Is a Bible Cluster?

A Bible Cluster is a simple way to encounter God through the Bible. Anyone can do it.

All you need for a Bible Cluster is:

  • A Bible
  • Three or more people
  • A simple plan: read, talk, pray

There are no teachers, no curriculum, no agendas.

How Does a Bible Cluster Work?

In a Bible Cluster, everyone has a chance to discuss the Bible openly and honestly. As a result, group members grow together in freedom, community and maturity — just the way the body of Christ was designed.


A facilitator gathers colleagues, friends and neighbors to read God’s Word, talk about it and pray in a group.


Attendees ask questions and learn about God together in a safe place. Later, they are encouraged to deepen their Bible engagement in local church communities.

Church Leader

A local church leader supports Bible Cluster attendees as they get plugged into a Bible study or small group.